Blogging Exercise: Becoming an expert

You love to cook, so you buy the cookbooks recommended by your Food Network heroes and start working through them. About a year later, you’ve begun to visit three different farmer’s markets to obtain the ingredients for one meal. Soon thereafter, you start saying moderately annoying things like, “It doesn’t even count as chocolate if it isn’t at least 80 percent cacao.”

What interest(s) do you have that could turn into a passion? Make a list of topics that stir your soul and that you could imagine writing regularly about. Which of the topics attract you most, and why? How could you learn more about it and become an expert? If you blogged about this, what would make your blog stand out from the rest?


Form for Online Story Pitch

You will use a standard form to write your first online story pitch. Please type, and bring a printout of the completed form to class. Completed pitches are due at the beginning of class next week.

Story Project 1

About the assignment

You will take a completed or in-progress print or broadcast story, or a story idea specifically developed for this class, pitch it, and develop a full online story package.

If you are using an already completed print or broadcast story, or one that you’re currently working on for another class, you are expected to complete a significant amount of additional reporting (more research, interviews, shooting, re-editing). Stories must be original, individual work. University policy prohibits the submission of the same project for more than one class, so your final presentation must contain a minimum of 25 percent new information.

Things to keep in mind when working with an existing story

If your story is based on a broadcast story, your biggest challenge for this assignment will be to come up with engaging copy which compliments (not duplicates) your broadcast package. Also, for the purpose of the online package, you may find that you don’t need to add the full broadcast package. Instead, it may be sufficient to pull out a few salient clips and have those clips accompany the copy that you’re writing.

If your story is based on a print story, your biggest challenge for this assignment will be to come up with engaging visuals.

Word count

There is no hard word count for this assignment. I imagine your finished story will be anywhere between 700-1,000 words. You want to write enough in order to paint a complete picture. You want to draw he reader into your story and provide details throughout in order to keep the audience engaged.


You’ll want to have some visuals with your story, whether it’s photos and/or videos and/or another visual element.


Use appropriate links for your story, both within your WordPress blog and to external sources.

Due date

The project is due during Week 6 and must be posted on your WordPress blog by midnight Wednesday before class.

Good luck!

Homework Week 1

Your homework this week is to

  • order the textbook
  • create the accounts and install the software mentioned in the syllabus under “Class Materials”
  • email me ( a brief bio by midnight Wednesday 9/1

Examples of what your bio might look like:

Your bio doesn’t have to be long, but it should be memorable and professional.