Final Assignment: Community Profile & Portfolio

Part 1

The point of this exercise is to prepare a simple profile of an organization or person — a common story in any news medium — and take it one step further, whether with mapping, multimedia or more.

Provided your work is up to standards, it will appear in “”, a hyperlocal website launching this fall.


Youth Activists

Ask each activist the following questions. You should also prepare some sort of multimedia presentation, whether an audio slideshow or video. Take at least one “mug shot” of the activist.


Questions for Youth Activists




Name of organization you are involved with:

How long have you been involved with the organization?

Why did you decide to become involved with this org/movement?

Do you have any personal ties with the work you do?

Describe the type of work you do?

Is your family supportive of the work you do?

What do you hope to accomplish in the near future?

What do you hope to accomplish in the long run with the org?

Do you have other priorities or jobs besides this one? Student? Full-time work?

How much of a commitment is this?

What do you plan on doing later on in life, will this serve as experience?

What is the role that the community plays in all of this?

What would you say is the role that young people play in community activism?


Young Activists to profile:

Daniel Santana, South Central Farms, 310-594-2098,

Albert Tlatoa, also in the farm movement and heading up a lot of community efforts in the area, 323-641-8809.

Jahrell Thomas, Senior Youth Advocate, CRCD 213-743-6193

Juan Aquino,

Jorge Nuno,

Ben Torres,



Ask each clinic the following questions. Also, prepare a map to show where this clinic is, and a photo of the clinic. You may prepare additional multimedia (slideshow, video) if you wish.


To ask:

Name of clinic/provider:


How long been in area?

Translation services?

Insurance accepted:

Type of insurance:

Federally qualified?

Preventative services:

Emergency Services:

Mental Health Services:

What is your organization’s goal?

What do you see as lacking in this area? What healthcare is needed?

What is the largest health issue facing the residents of Vernon Central?

How are you helping to combat it?


To profile:


Central Neighborhood Medical Group

2707 South Central Avenue

Los Angeles, CA 90011


Clinica Para Las Mujeres

231 West Vernon Avenue # 203

Los Angeles, CA 90037-2779

(323) 232-9700


Kedren Community Health Center

4211 Avalon Boulevard

Los Angeles, CA 90011


H Claude Hudson Comprehensive

2829 South Grand Avenue

Los Angeles, CA 90007


Clinica Medica San Miguel

115 East Washington Boulevard

Los Angeles, CA 90015-3606

(213) 741-0400


South Central Family Health

4000 South Main Street

Los Angeles, CA 90037-1022

(323) 232-2673


Hubert Humphrey Comprehensive Health Center‎

5850 South Main Street

Los Angeles, CA 90003-1215

(323) 846-4312


UMMA Community Clinic

711 W Florence Ave



St. John’s Well Child and Family Center

5701 S. Hoover Street



Part 2

I will judge your final project not in isolation, but in he context of your entire Web site. Therefore, you must make sure your portfolio is up-to-date and comprehensive, and presents you in the best possible light.

Here are the criteria I will use to evaluate your portfolio

  • How well is your site structured?
  • Can I find all your assignments easily?
  • Is your bio up to date and professional?
  • Did you upload a photo of yourself? Is it a professional shot?
  • Did you incorporate any past work from other classes (or independent projects that you undertook on your own) into your portfolio?
  • Did you incorporate any past print stories or broadcast stories?
  • A portfolio is meant to be a representative collection of your best work – I’d like to see more than the projects for this class. You don’t need to do any additional reporting or production work, if you have old print stories, copy and paste them into the site. If you have old broadcast pieces, upload them to youtube and embed them on the site. Perhaps create a “print”, “broadcast”, and “online” section, so an interviewer can easily see that you’re proficient in all three areas. Figure out what structure works best for your work and how you want to present yourself to recruiters and interviewers. At the end of the day, a portfolio site should reflect you and how you want to showcase yourself and your work.

Due dates:

  • You will present your final project and your portfolio in class on Dec 2.
  • Based on the critique, you may make revisions if you wish. Revisions are due Dec 9.

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