Audio Slideshow Assignment Part I (Due midnight Oct 27)

(Adapted from an assignment designed by Mindy McAdams’ for her course on multimedia reporting)

Shoot all the photos and gather all the audio for your slideshow.


The raw audio may be in one file, or more than one file (your choice). All the photos must be shot by you and related directly to THIS story. The audio must also be gathered by you and appropriate for this story.

For this assignment, you are turning in ALL the raw materials for the slideshow.

You will also write a one-sentence summary of your story for me – you need to be able to articulate what your story is about.

Number of photos: 200 (yes, TWO HUNDRED)

Audio: At least one interview that tells the story, plus some nice natural sound; the length is your choice.

Summary text: I would like a one sentence summary of your story for this part of the assignment . You will submit this via your blog, details below.

Due: midnight October 27

Submitting the assignment:

  • Create a new blog entry with the title “Soundslides Assignment Part I”.
  • Write a one-sentence summary of your story.
  • Upload the audio for your slideshow (at least one interview + some nat sound) to and add a link to the audio file(s) below the one-sentence summary of your story.
  • Upload your 10 best photos to your blog. You will need more than 10 to build your slideshow. This part of the exercise encourages you to identify your best shots. You will build your slideshow around those 10 shots. Save the other 190 photos to your thumbdrive (using iphoto on a Mac or a similar application on a PC). Be prepared to show me the photos you didn’t use upon request.
  • The dog ate my photos” won’t work – you have to have your edited audio and 10 photos uploaded to your blog by midnight October 27.

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