Photo Warm-up Exercise (Due midnight Oct 20)

(Adapted from an assignment designed by Mindy McAdams’ for her course on multimedia reporting)

In the first week of the assignment, you will shoot photos to practice. These photos will not be used at all in your slideshow – these are purely practice shots. (This assignment is designed to help you identify problems in your photo technique so you can improve on them.)

IMPORTANT: Before you shoot, please make sure the settings on your camera are for a high resolution. Check your camera’s manual if you don’t know how to check or set this. (If you have lost your manual, it is probably available online from the manufacturer. Just Google the brand name and model number to find it.)

Choose a story that has some visual interest: An event, a crowd, a demonstration, people working or playing, etc. Not a speech. Not a press conference.

Shoot at least 30 photos at one time, on one day, for ONE STORY. Several photos can be of the same thing, but change your position, the angle, etc.

– The photos must focus on at least three very different things — for example, at an arts festival: one subject might be an artist in her booth, selling her work; a second subject might be the crowd attending the arts festival, or perhaps one family enjoying themselves there; a third subject might be the work of a different artist, if it has visual interest (for example, intricate silver jewelry).
– You can have about 10 shots of each single subject, but be sure to get different angles and different distances (super-close, close and medium are best) of each subject, so the 10 shots do not look exactly the same.
– Make sure there are PEOPLE (at least one person) in each photo. Even if you shoot objects, there should be a person’s hand or face also.
– Work hard to follow the rules of COMPOSITION (If you need a refresher course on composition, check out these examples – the photos are dated but the principles of basic photographic composition are well explained)

Number of photos:
Minimum of 30

Due: Midnight Wednesday, October 20th

Submitting the assignment:
–    You will use a photo sharing service in order to submit this assignment. You have a choice between Flickr, Picasa, or – use the one that appeals to you. It may be advantageous to you to keep your photos for this class and for any journalism assignments separate from your personal photos, that’s up to you.
–    You will upload the 30 or more photos from your camera to the photo sharing Web site. If you are using Flickr, you might want to consider using a program like “Flickr Uploadr” which allows you to upload dozens of photos in one easy step. It allows you to compress photos while uploading. I highly recommend that you compress your photos as you upload them to Flickr, or you may run out of space if you’re using the free account. No matter what you use, keep the uncompressed photos saved on your desktop or on a Flash storage medium. Flickr Uploadr is available for Mac and PC and can be downloaded here:
–    Add a link to your photos to your blog. If you are using Flickr, you might want to add the “Flickr Widget” to your WordPress blog and have the photos for this assignment show up in the sidebar to your blog. The photos you took for this assignment should now show up in the sidebar of your blog. If you have trouble adding the widget to your blog, simply publish a link to your Flickr/Picasa/ account on your blog. You’re done.


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