Audio Exercise Part II

Take the 5 minutes of raw audio that you recorded for the first part of this exercise and edit it down to 60-90 seconds. Your goal is to condense a 5 minute interview into a cohesive soundbite that could appear on a Web site or as the audio track for a brief slide show presentation. Your goal is to edit out your own voice, and focus on what your subject has to say.

Feel free to use any audio editing program you like for editing the sound. You have the option to use Audacity if you wish and apply the techniques you learned in the Audacity workshop.

How to submit your work and due date

When you’re done with the assignment, please save/export your edited audio as an MP3, upload it to, and insert a link to the audio on your blog (no need to embed). The edited audio must be posted to your blog by midnight Wednesday next week.

Where to get help

If you need help with this assignment, go visit the open Web Tech office hours. Web Technologies staff will host office hours several times a week in the iLab (ASCJ 229) so students can come in and ask questions and get additional help. They can help you with Audacity or file uploading questions. Office hours are posted outside the lab.


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