Audio Exercise Part I

Audio Exercise

First, read this article on interview basics:

The basics

Your assignment is to conduct a 5-minute, recorded, unrehearsed audio interview. Don’t pick someone whom you know so well that you can predict all his or her answers in advance. Pick someone where the answer will be a surprise to you – if you’re unfamiliar with the person you will ask better questions, and it will make for a better interview. A smart choice might be to conduct an interview that can be used for one of the story packages in this class – but that’s not a requirement. At the end of the interview, ask your interviewee to state and spell their name. Make sure to record some natural sound as well.

The mechanics

In order to complete this assignment, you need some audio recording device (I recommend the Zoom audio recorders that are available from the equipment room), a microphone, and you need to have a way to get the audio out of the recorder. If you choose to use the Zoom recorder, you must return it by next week Tuesday at noon.

File format

You need to save your file in some digital format – common formats for audio are WAV, Windows Media or MP3. An easy audio format to work with is MP3. If your recording method gives you a different format, and you need to convert is to MP3, there are many free programs out there that can convert from one audio format to another, here is a page where you can download one of them:

Due date

You should have your raw audio recorded by Monday next week (at the latest) so you return the equipment and move on to Audio Exercise Part II.


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